I approach my scarves as sculpture.

Hand-knitting provides the privilege of altering the properties of the medium.

Each neck piece is distinct because evolution is destined.

My process is as much conscious, mathematical and technological as it is intuitive, spiritual and conceptual.

Creativity – what we can see that is constant, what we can see that is changing...what we can not see that is constant, what we can not see that is changing:  internal and integrated, self-sustaining, redefining structure.

A multi-dimensional, universal machination, at the origin of all life, art, manifestation, illness + wellness...

ebbs+flows of confusion+light, space+action, external+internal, choice+passivity, quiet+communication, patience+frustration, peace+discomfort, Free Will+Destiny, knowing+not, intellect+intuition, matter+energy, words+colours, fear+perspective, before+after, association+freedom, thought+realization, circumstance+response, cycles+chaos, universal+specific... 


Seeking truth unleashes creativity.

[words to live and create by]


The Kalama People:  How are we to know which person who addresses us is telling the Truth?

The Buddha:  Do not accept anything because

1.   Of repeated oral transmission

2.   Of lineage or tradition

3.   It has been widely stated

4.   It has been written in books, such as scripture

5.   It is logical and reasonable

6.   Of inferring and drawing conclusions    

7.   It has been “thought out”

8.   Of acceptance and conviction through a theory

9.   The speaker appears competent

10. Of respect for the teacher

Know what things would be censored by the wise, and which, if pursued, would lead to harm and suffering.